10 Reasons to Listen to Audiobooks

By | April 22, 2021
10 reasons

Nowadays, many young people can be seen wearing headphones in transport, it has already become a trend.

numbered listSome listen to their favorite music, and many listen to books in audio format: some for their interpersonal or professional development, some for the soul.

If you haven’t made up your mind yet, we’ll give you 10 reasons to put your doubts to rest.

1. Audiobooks are as useful for brain development as paper books

The usefulness of reading books for brain development has long been proven by scientists, but the benefits for listeners of books in audio format researchers have only recently proven.

2. Your phone can hold more than 10 books

You can download a dozen audio versions of paper books into your gadget, and maybe even more, since they can be compressed. Although you don’t really need that many, except on vacation.

3. “Read” what you always don’t have time for

The first thing to read is books for study or professional growth, but useful literature for yourself is left for later, only this “then” never comes.

Inspirational books, such as “Life at Full Power!” or “The Important Years,” are good to listen to while jogging, doing housework, walking the dog, in transportation: they are easy to perceive by ear and lift your spirits and energize.

4. Don’t ruin your eyesight

Reading strains already tired eyes, because at work we work at the computer, while driving in transportation we “correspond” or look at the news on the phone, at home we watch television or read on a tablet. But an audiobook will give your eyes a rest.

5. To develop auditory skills

Many people are afraid that they won’t be able to hear information, saying, “I’m a visual person, I have to see!”

But if you want to learn to listen better and remember what you hear, audio format is a great way to develop auditory perception.

6. To diversify your home life

listen to audiobooksIf you are bored with the routine at work and at home, add meaning to any boring and monotonous activities with the help of audiobooks.

Vacuum your apartment or wash the dishes while listening to your favorite or interesting books, like “The Willpower” or “How People Think”.

7. Exercise.

If it’s hard to force yourself to exercise regularly, try running or doing the right exercise while listening to a book.

This is how you can improve in your profession by reading “Work From Home at Any Age”, “Rework“, or listen to something for yourself – “Get out of your comfort zone”, “To be, not to seem”.

8. Listen to the author of the book

Usually the audiobook is recorded by a professional narrator, but sometimes it happens that the author voices himself – after all, who better than the author himself knows where to place the accents and with what intonation to read.

9. Remembering a Good Book

Sometimes one wants to reread a good book, but for this, as always, there is not enough time.

It will be easier to find time for listening.

10. Find a reason to go for a walk.

Enough reasoning, download an audiobook, dress warmly, put earphones in your ears and go for a walk. Together with a book, a walk will be a threefold rewarding activity.

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